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Integrale Opinion

It is our view that too many Integrales are being cannibalised without thought and this may lead to problems with regard to supplying parts in future.

Unlike the Stratos, 037 and Delta S4, the Integrale's huge strength has been its comparatively large production compared to these other World Rally Winning Legends.

However as everyone knows the vast majority of parts regularly used to maintain Integrales at or beyond their original performance are wearables, so they are either unusable second hand or simply not worth the effort.

What instead often happens is the ludicrous situation that an Integrale is summarily dismantled and the parts end up on 'wannabe' Integrale look-alikes or sometimes on vehicles that are considerably worse than the donor vehicle. Whilst we accept people may wish to personalise their car in such a manner, we believe this end defeats the means, as many vehicles are being prematurely destroyed in an "Ivory tusk" syndrome.

In other cases Integrale owners have scrapped or considered scrapping the vehicle when the engine has blown. The engine is one of the easiest items to replace and the cost needn't be prohibitive if budget is a big issue. Our Service department gives many second hand items away including engines when available - see special offers. Unlike vehicle breakers most of our pre-owned parts come from replacing them with superior items, so as we build many special engines we like pass on good engines to service customers who are passionate about their cars.

We mention this because to ensure Integrale maintenance remains affordable and reliable, new parts are essential. We constantly investigate the viability of producing new parts that are no longer available. Quantity is often more restrictive than price and if numbers fall too quickly there may be no point in producing wearable parts for a few exceptional shiny cars that don't go anywhere.

So before you purchase something you don't really need, from a random supplier, stop and think you may be causing more than just another Integrale to disappear, long before an enthusiastic owner has the chance to get it back to its best.