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Lancia Delta HF Integrale Warranty

This Mechanical Breakdown Warranty will cover you for the cost of repair or replacement of components listed below, to the limits shown in the Warranty Schedule (1000 / claim is given on Integrales). Items NOT listed are excluded.

Our Integrale Warranty may be extended or purchased separately via our Service Department.

Components Insured by Zagato Lancia Warranty:

Armature, Commutator and Brushes, Shafts, Bearings and Bushes, Voltage Regulator.

Master Cylinder, Servo, Wheel Cylinders, Callipers, Vacuum Pump, A.B.S. - Motor and Master Cylinder only. Excluding seized Callipers.

The following castings are only covered if their failure is a direct result of a part repairable under this Mechanical Breakdown Insurance:- Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Gearbox Casing, Front Drive Housing, Rear Axle Housing.

Release Bearing, Pressure Plate, Centre Plate(including failure due to oil leak contamination). Clutch Fork, Master Cylinder, Slave Cylinder. Excluding burnt out parts and general wear and tear.

Cooling System
Radiator, Heater Matrix, Oil Cooler, Air Conditioning Compressor, Water Pump and Thermostat, Viscous/Fan. Excluding frost damage.

Factory Fitted Central Locking (motors / relays only), Engine Management Unit, Door Mirror Motors, Distributor, Ignition Coil, Electronic Ignition (power unit only), Windscreen and Headlight Wiper Motors, Electric Window Motors, Thermostatically controlled Fan Motor, Heater Motor, Speedometer Head, Aerial Motor, Horn, Sunroof Motor, Headlight Lift Motors, Headlight Wash Pump Motor, Heated Front and Rear Screens.

The following parts contained within the cylinder block and head assemblies:-Rocker Assembly, Valves and Guides (except carbonised, burnt or pitted valves), Cylinder Head gasket, Pushrods, Camshaft and Cam Followers, Timing Gears, Chains and Belts, Oil Pump, Pistons, Piston Pins and Rings, Cylinder Bores, Connecting Rods and Bearings, Crankshaft and Bearings, Distributor Drive Gear, Distributor Drive Auxiliary Shaft and Bushes, Internal Bushes, Flywheel and Ring Gear.

Final Drive Differential Assembly
Crown Wheel/Pinion Gears, Planet Gears, Bearings/Bushes, Halfshafts, Drive Shafts, Constant Velocity/Universal Joints, Swivel Hubs (excluding ball joints), Drive Flanges.

Carburettor, Fuel Pump, Fuel Injection (metering unit, air vane meter, pump and injectors only), Choke Unit.

Four Wheel Drive
Transfer Box; all internal components listed under Manual Transmission.

Four Wheel Drive
The following parts contained within the transmission casing:-Gears, Shafts, Bearings and Bushes.

Prop shaft
Universal Joints, Bearings.

Starter Motor
Armature, Commutator and Brushes, Pinion Gear and Driveshaft, Bearings and Bushes, Solenoid.

Steering Rack and Pinion, Steering Box, Idler Box, Power Steering Unit including Pump, Pressure Pipes and Reservoir. Excluding Power Steering Belts, External Links and Joints, Rubber Boots and Swivel Pins.

Self Levelling Suspension (compressor and control unit only).

Transmission (Automatic)
The following parts contained within the transmission casing:- Gears, Torque Converter, Clutches and Brake bands, Oil Pumps, Shafts, Bearings and Bushes, Valves, Governors and Servos. Excluding Electronic Computer.

Transmission (Manual)
The following parts contained within the transmission casing:- Gears, Shafts, Bearings and Bushes, Synchromesh Hubs and Selectors, Extension Shaft. Excluding External Linkages and Gear Lever.

Manufacturers Turbo Unit (being part of the car's original specification).

Wheel Bearings
All Wheel Bearings.

NOTE: The above components are covered against mechanical failure due to sudden and unexpected circumstances, however please note that the loss of any fluids or sundries as a direct result of a failure of any of these components is not covered nor is any serviceable item, i.e. distributor cap and rotor arm, condensers, points, H.T. leads, spark plugs, filters, cables and belts. External oil leaks are specifically excluded.